You want the story of your wedding day recorded, as it happens, beautifully and simply

Your wedding memories are important to you and I know that you want me to record the excitement in an informal way, creating images that you can cherish forever more.

You want a wonderful record of the day you gave your heart to the one you love - and you don't really like having your photo taken.

At Cornwell Photography you get more than a photograph.  I aim to capture the magic, all the little moments, from start to finish. My goal is to help you to create an heirloom that shows the story of your day for you now and for future generations.

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What do you know... Dorset Wedding Photographer Mark Cornwell has a "blog"...

I'm not a blogger. Far from it. The "blog" pages on my website are a mixed bunch of posts: information about where to see me at wedding fairs; details of special offers and competitions (when I run them). Dig in and find out more about me and my work.

Organising the proverbial…

Organising the proverbial…

February 13, 2017

This Christmas Mrs C was kind enough to get me an experience voucher for a day out at Brewhouse and KItchen in Dorchester. Why am I blogging this? Two words: STAG DO. Last Friday I cycled from Weymouth to Dorchester (avoiding any chance of drink driving!) and turned up for a much anticipated day being … Read More

Mid-week weddings

Mid-week weddings

January 20, 2017

One of those questions that comes up repeatedly is to ask if I do mid-week weddings. Some photographers that have another job don’t do them. As photography is what I do – of course I do mid-week weddings! I won’t repeat myself because I’ve covered it before here. You can also find out more on … Read More

All that’s missing is YOU. (#5)

All that’s missing is YOU. (#5)

October 28, 2016

It’s another in my series of wedding venues for Dorset. Yesterday I was shown around the very impressive Milton Abbey by Anne Litchfield. It’s an absolutely gorgeous setting for your wedding. If you book me in 2017 or 2018 for a wedding at Milton Abbey I’ll offer you £200 off your package. If you want … Read More

A little bit about me…

I did live in Basingstoke when I recorded this - but I've moved to Weymouth now!

What are you looking for for your wedding?

Most couples want photos, "as it happens".

I call myself The Smile Collector because that's what I do. Often the images that couples tell me are their favourites are the smiling ones; often smiles that they didn't see. Happy smiles. Thoughtful smiles. Giggling smiles. Screaming laughs. Nervous smiles.

Your wedding will be full of love, passion, fun, excitement, and joy.  My job is to record it all so that when you see your images you will tell me that the photos I took really tell the story of your day.

It is great knowing that you, and indeed future generations, will look back lovingly at those images.

It's the little things

Mark Cornwell - the smile collector

That's the Cornwell approach.

I could tell you lots of stories about helping out at weddings. But here are just a few snippets. I carry a sewing kit. I also carry other odds and ends. I'm the last boy scout! The sewing kit has been pressed in to service to fix waistcoats, pin zips on dresses, and adjust straps for bridesmaids. Paracetamol for that wedding day headache? Tick. Lighter for that smoke you're not meant to be having but...? Tick. We've fetched shoes. Fixed shoes (who thought that superglue would be needed at a wedding!). Transported the bride's mother and bridesmaid.

My job is more than taking photos.

I'm there to cheer you on and be with you on your big day too.

SheilaNaturally there are some groups to do, which I try to do quickly and without them being too formal. That means that you have longer to mix with your friends and family and I can capture those informal images that you really want.

Every wedding is unique though and so the photography for each will be as individual as you are.

It doesn't stop at the wedding. Most couples review the images with me, after their honeymoon.

My secret weapon is my wife, Sheila.

You will meet Sheila when I do your wedding: you might see her at a wedding fair, or meet her at the initial consultation; you might see her if she is assisting me on the day, or taking photos if you book a second phtographer (she isn't always my second photographer but usually is); you might see her at your review session after the wedding. Somewhere along the line you are going to meet her.

We look forward to talking to you about your wedding plans and helping you to create your own family heirloom album telling your wedding story.
Mark(PS: If you are having a really small wedding (fewer than 20 people) or you just want photos at the Register Office have a look at my small weddings page.)


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