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You want your wedding day photographs recorded beautifully, simply, and without fuss

I know that your wedding memories are important to you and that you want me to record the excitement of your wedding day in an informal way, creating images that you can cherish forever more. You want me to take photos of things as they happen and you don’t really like having your photo taken. Oh and you are not keen on having to pose either. That’s ok: I feel like that too.

At Cornwell Photography I want to give you more than a photograph: to capture the magic of your fairy tale in a way that you will cherish. I aim to create a wonderful record of the day you gave your heart to the one you love.

I’m something of a small wedding specialist. Couples that book me often tell me that they are having “just a small wedding”. Quite often they have booked a “wedding in a box” type package from a venue and just need to add a photographer. If you are having a really small wedding (fewer than 20 people) or you just want photos at the Register Office have a look at my Bijoux Weddings page. For bigger weddings check out the Smile Collector page. Whatever size of wedding you are having though from just 2 guests to 200 guests or more, I can help you.

Or just telephone me on 01256 869 715 between 9am and 7pm week-days.

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The Smile Collector The Smile Collector

The vast majority of couples that come to me to talk about their wedding have one common thing on their wish list – photos taken as the day goes along, unposed, just capturing the laughter and joy of the day “as it happens”. For some years I have called myself The Smile Collector. It’s what Read More

Small Wedding Photography Small Wedding Photography

So you’re having a small wedding? Small is beautiful. My wedding is only at the Register Office – do you do those? You know that’s a question that I get asked over and over again. It is usually followed by, “we only want you at the Register Office really, is that possible”? I shall keep Read More

Cheerleader General Cheerleader General

It’s the little things. That’s the Cornwell Photography approach. I love weddings; and I love family photo sessions too. For me, the joy is in creating images and knowing that you, and indeed future generations, will look back lovingly at them. I call myself The Smile Collector: that’s what I do. Photos help us to Read More

What do you know... Hampshire Wedding Photographer Mark Cornwell has a "blog"...

I'm not a blogger. Far from it. The "blog" pages on my website are a mixed bunch of posts: information about where to see me at wedding fairs; details of special offers and competitions (when I run them). Dig in and find out more about me and my work.

Wedding Wednesday #18 – enough is a feast.

Wedding Wednesday #18 – enough is a feast.

Posted on Sep 2, 2015 in Wedding Photography, Wedding Wednesday

You know that feeling where you are eating butter icing and suddenly you’ve had too much?Hmm. Me too.It can be hard to stop in time.This week I went to a folk festival to take photos. I took… lots… over the four days. I am editing them now. And I have editing-indigestion. I thought I would Read More

Wedding Wednesday #17 – timing is everything

Wedding Wednesday #17 – timing is everything

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 in Wedding Photography, Wedding Wednesday

As you start to plan your wedding you may find the schedule is confusing.Confusing is an understatement. The whole “what shall I do first?” thing can seem positively daunting.But don’t worry – help is at hand.There are articles online in the shape of blogs. There are bridal forums with brides telling you what they did. Read More

Wedding Wednesday #16 – Nine years and counting

Wedding Wednesday #16 – Nine years and counting

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 in News, Wedding Photography, Wedding Wednesday

It’s funny, back on the 19th of August 2006 I was very nervous. You see I was just preparing to take photographs of my very first wedding. I still get nervous. At every wedding. Not as nervous as that one, but certainly I get butterflies still, wanting to do my very best to record the Read More

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