What do you want from your wedding photography?

Your wedding will be full of love, passion, excitement, and joy, and capturing your wedding memories is probably important to you!

You're likely to want the story of your wedding day recorded, as it happens, informally, and elegantly. Your album will be a beautiful record of the day you gave your heart to the one you love: all of the magic, all the little moments, from start to finish.

What kind of a photographer do you want?

Often the images that couples tell me are their favourites are the smiling ones: often smiles that they didn't see at the time. Happy smiles. Thoughtful smiles. Giggling smiles. Screaming laughs. Nervous smiles.

I call myself The Smile Collector because that's what I do.
Mark Cornwell - the smile collector

You probably want a photographer that records things quietly and without a fuss. Someone that can sort out the group photos fast. Someone that knows how weddings work. Someone that can fit easily into your wedding.

My job is about more than taking photos though. I'm there for you on the day: I've been called the last boy scout! My sewing kit has been pressed in to service to fix waistcoats, pin zips on dresses, and adjust straps for bridesmaids. Paracetamol for that wedding day headache? Tick. Lighter for that smoke you're not meant to be having but...? Tick. We've fetched shoes and fixed shoes (who would have thought that superglue would be needed at a wedding!).

Have a look at my testimonials page to see what my clients say about me.

Meet my secret weapon!

SheilaThis is my wife, Sheila.

You will meet Sheila when I do your wedding: you might see her at a wedding fair; or meet her at the initial consultation; you might see her if she is assisting me on the day; or taking photos if you book a second phtographer (she isn't always my second photographer but usually is); you might see her if you have a review session after the wedding. Somewhere along the line you are going to meet her.

We look forward to talking to you about your wedding plans and helping you to create your own family heirloom album telling your wedding story.

The Gallery

Click any of the images below to see more photos from that wedding. This will give you a good idea of the sort of work that I can create for you.

Mutterings of a Dorset wedding photographer

Yes, I have a blog.

To the caves!

To the caves!

July 17, 2017

I love doing an engagement shoot. It helps me to get to know the couple better and helps them to know how I work when we are off doing photos on their big day. Jade and Josh walked down to Winspit Caves with me for their engagement shoot. Here’s a few images from their session.

Cornwell Photography – Award Winning Dorset Wedding Photographer?

Cornwell Photography – Award Winning Dorset Wedding Photographer?

July 6, 2017

Did you spot that question mark? Have you ever noticed how many photographers are “award winning”? Most of us photographers have! Indeed all the suppliers that you might want for your wedding could well be trying to get awards of one sort or another. Photographers may be entering monthly competitions to get awards. They may … Read More

All that’s missing is you #8 – St Giles House

All that’s missing is you #8 – St Giles House

June 2, 2017

It’s funny. I go to venues a lot (as you might gather) and I love so many of them. There are few where I walk into a space and I’m so lost for words I can only stand there with my jaw open. This is one. St Giles House, over in Wimborne St Giles, is … Read More

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