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​Imagine it is your 25th wedding anniversary. The kids have flown the nest. You and your beloved have been out for a fabulous evening meal and are now sitting down with a night-cap in your lounge. One of you two hopeless romantics pulls out the album that we designed for you and you snuggle together to look through it.

That is why we do this job​.​​​

Our approach to weddings is to be calm, discrete and make each picture count - we won't be rattling off shots like the papparazi! So if you want a photographer that records things without a fuss: someone that will capture all those little moments as they happen; someone that can sort out the group photos fast; someone that knows how weddings work; someone that can fit easily into your wedding.

That's us!

We still look at our own wedding photos regularly!

​A bit about Mark...

I’m a details guy – an ex-project manager – and I’m ridiculously organised. I probably spend too long writing to-do lists but I know I’m going to be where I need to be to capture the photos you want.

Memories are incredibly important to me. Old photos of relatives long gone, of holidays and special occasions, are some of my most treasured things: along with my cufflinks and camera collection.

Are memories fiercely important to you too?

When I was a kid I was the quiet nerdy type. If I wasn’t pouring over old maps you’d either find me out walking, cycling in the countryside, or square-eyed in front of the TV watching cartoons. I still can’t work out which I prefer most – Muttley, Wile E Coyote, or Roadrunner.

Whilst I do like to talk to people I’m not a party animal and most of my time you’ll find me on my own or with my beloved, Sheila.

Walking, baking sourdough bread, and eating and drinking take up my free time. I read baking blogs and books taking careful notes in my Moleskin notebook as I experiment in the hope of baking the perfect loaf.

And I still pour over maps.

We are foodies with a taste for Michelin starred restaurants! There’s no better way to spend a special occasion than a meal out with fine food and fine wine, and an overnight stop, at a wonderful restaurant with rooms.

I haven’t a clue about most celebrities (I can't be the only one, can I?), but I’d be fascinated to chat with Hugh ​Fearnley-Whittingstall over a sumptuous meal about how he balances his ethics with his business. Besides – we’ve got a similar dress sense. Maybe he could tell me the secret of his sourdough whilst we eat stewed octopus and drink a fine bottle of red… Yum! I can dream.

I’ve run out of bucket-list things to do, but that’s fine – that leaves me plenty of time for a cheeky afternoon nap. The perfect nap? Laid in the sun, in a meadow full of butterflies and orchids, listening to a skylark singing its heart out overhead.

Me in about 1984. I'm usually more polite! I've worn a shirt, waistcoat, jeans and boots forever. Hipster before it was hip.

Can't beat a comfy pair of walking boots.

No, I'm not obsessed by maps...

​And a little about Sheila...

Despite loving horse riding as a child​ ​she doesn't ride now. And, unlike me, she isn’t the type to do silly things like walking long distances for “fun”.

You should ask her for her thoughts on running! (I used to run. She doesn’t.)

However that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get outdoors. Indeed her garden is her pride and joy and she will spend hours pottering on it. She has an eye for unusual plant varieties.

If I get her out on a walk around a nature reserve she will be dotty about things like orchids.

Sheila is an avid reader. She’ll take a half a dozen books out of the library and have them finished by mid-week. Indeed, the last monster Harry Potter tome was devoured in a day. Obviously, as a woman, she’s great at multi-tasking (!!!) and so can often be found watching a detective drama on TV whilst she simultaneously consumes a detective novel. I’m still in awe of her.

Her superpower is that she was a primary school teacher so she’s very good with the children at a wedding (the grown up ones or small ones!).

One of the first images I have of Sheila. Our first year at polytechnic just after we met.

The all important garden.

One of our more recent finds - a bee orchid at our local nature reserve.

​Want to talk?

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A more recent photo of us - enjoying our second honeymoon on our 30th anniversary!