Don’t sweat about the details.

30/01/2019By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

​Some years ago I did a set of things I called “tips from the other side”. ​Imagine you could talk to lots of couples that had been there, done that, and got married. What would they tell you was their big tip? ​​Here’s one from the archives. ​James and Louise ​”The advice I wish I was given … Read More

Your wedding in one image

16/01/2019By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

​What one image best represents your wedding?You will spot images, no dout, that I use lots of times. They are significant images for me: they’re ones I like. Take the image above of Melanie and Peter on the beach at sunset. ​They got married on a private beach, the ceremony was led by a friend. It was … Read More

Wedding Wednesday – How can an “On The Day” Wedding Co-ordinator help me?

19/12/2018By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

​Whilst you are planning have you ever thought about a wedding coordinator? ​Does the very phrase “wedding planner” make you think of Hollywood blockbuster wedding-related films and the super-rich? ​Have you wanted to keep the costs down and plan a “DIY” wedding? ​​Well if the answer to any of the above is “yes” then today’s Wedding Wednesday post … Read More

Posing like a pro – at the bar

10/11/2018By Mark CornwellGeneral, Wedding Photography

Today I’m going to tell you… how to look good! In my last blog post I talked about the photos that you all love and want: the “as it happens” images.I know your wedding is not just about those fleeting memories though. Weddings are occasions for family and friends to get together and ​you may not … Read More