Don’t sweat about the details.

30/01/2019By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

​Some years ago I did a set of things I called “tips from the other side”. ​Imagine you could talk to lots of couples that had been there, done that, and got married. What would they tell you was their big tip? ​​Here’s one from the archives. ​James and Louise ​”The advice I wish I was given … Read More

Your wedding in one image

16/01/2019By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

​What one image best represents your wedding?You will spot images, no dout, that I use lots of times. They are significant images for me: they’re ones I like. Take the image above of Melanie and Peter on the beach at sunset. ​They got married on a private beach, the ceremony was led by a friend. It was … Read More

Wedding Wednesday – How can an “On The Day” Wedding Co-ordinator help me?

19/12/2018By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

​Whilst you are planning have you ever thought about a wedding coordinator? ​Does the very phrase “wedding planner” make you think of Hollywood blockbuster wedding-related films and the super-rich? ​Have you wanted to keep the costs down and plan a “DIY” wedding? ​​Well if the answer to any of the above is “yes” then today’s Wedding Wednesday post … Read More

Confetti – it is an endangered species

13/07/2016By Mark CornwellWedding Wednesday

Good morning all, I’ve just been exchanging emails with a bride (hi, Charlee, *waves*) about her up-coming wedding and in the email up came the topic of this stuff… Charlee wants two confetti throws. And why not? They’re fun! One at the church and one at the reception. Great. I’m looking forward to them. It … Read More