Hi, thanks for coming to this page to contact me. The simplest way for me to get back to you is to try to ring you or email you so this contact form gives me some basic information about your wedding plans – fill in as much as you can.

Please check what you put in here carefully though because I sometimes get people who fill in this form and when I try to ring them it is a wrong number. Or I email them never to hear from them again – so please check your SPAM folder doesn’t have the response from me.

  • Please give your mobile phone number with no spaces. It will blank itself out if you don't type all the digits!
  • If you have a land-line phone number please give it in case I have a problem reaching you on your mobile phone. (No spaces as per the mobile phone number above.)
  • For wedding enquiries please tell me the date of your wedding and which venues you are going to if you already know these details.
  • It's now the law that we need to find out if you are happy for us to use your details for marketing. Clearly if you're filling in this form I'm going to contact you. Beyond that, though, are you happy to also be added to my email list? I don't send emails very often. Please tick if you are!

If you would rather just email me or phone me:

  • My landline is the best number to reach me on. Ring between 9am and 7pm weekdays on 01305 568 089.
  • If you prefer to text or to ring me on my mobile phone then call me between 9am and 7pm weekdays on 07880 76 1966 – if you get voicemail please leave a message as the signal isn’t too good here!
  • Email me on images “at” morethanaphotograph “dot” com (replace the bits in quotes as you would expect that’s just done to hide it a bit from web bots).

Please note I am putting these details here for genuine potential clients to contact me and not for speculative marketing calls. Thank you.