Introducing The History Portfolio

Beautiful family photography without the fuss.

What can you expect?

First and foremost the session has to be unhurried. If the kids feel they are "on parade" they are likely to play up. They need time to get comfortable with having me there taking photos: indeed sometimes the early photos never see the light of day as I'm pressing the shutter button just to get them used to it!

We don't want cries of, "smile for the photographer". Chill. Relax. Let's watch you interact and capture those happy family moments for posterity.

THAT is why I call this "The History Portfolio".

Depending on what is required we might do a sitting in your home or at a local park, head down to the beach, or another open space. You may want a short session or a long one.  Ideas include things like baking a cake or the kids making a model. There are lots of things we can do. We will discuss ideas when you book.

My work is a mix of black and white and colour imagery.

To book a session or to enquire further please contact me.

What does it cost?

The session and me processing the images for you costs £199 usually but there's a special discount on at the moment so it is only £175.

You will see the images on my website and can place orders for products on there. Included in the fee for a session you get a voucher for £75 off anything you buy.

To purchase a voucher for your own family session please go to my voucher page.