Project time – part 1

Some years ago (2013 as it happens) I did a project called Nation Of Shopkeepers. I say I “did” but I never really finished it and despite trying to do more on it a few years ago it really halted of its own accord.

This year I’m taking it in two directions:

  1. bakery
  2. artisan craft


For those that know me well they’ll know that I am a keen baker. My non-business Instagram page is full of pictures of bread as I do a fair bit of sourdough bread baking.

Those that know me really well also know that my ancestors are bakers. In my genealogy research I can point straight back to my great grandfather as a baker and take my dad’s side of the family back through St Albans and Epping, back via Boundary Lane in London (the boundary of East and West Ham) to Pembury in Kent in the year 1805 where a master baker by the name of Thomas Cornwell was born.

Here are some of my ancestors! (Some are the same person at different ages.)

You could say that I have a “thing” for heritage bakery.

When I did the Nation Of Shopkeepers project I was keen to have a traditional baker in the set.

And as I’ve been walking around my new home county of Dorset an idea came to me – what if I were to do a series of images JUST on bakery? What if I were to concentrate just on the artisan bakers and make a set of images of traditional baking?

Which is precisely what I intend to do!

If you ARE a baker or you KNOW a baker that might be interested in my project please get in contact.