My ten point guarantee for your wedding

rubber stamp with love

I know that every part of your wedding has little things about booking it that may make you nervous. With this in mind I wondered what things might do that for you about photography. More to the point what can I do to help you be less concerned?

My ten point guarantee is the result. I am sure that you will have questions so if you do simply give me a shout and we can talk through them.

1.    I guarantee that if you book me now for a wedding in two years’ time my package to you will be the same with no price change.

2.    I guarantee that once you’ve booked me I will keep in contact with you between then and not just your wedding day but until the products that you order are delivered (and probably beyond). This means you won’t worry that I’ve vanished. It’s important not to just know that I’m still about but also that we get to talk about things like your plans for the day and groups etc.

3.    I guarantee that it is me that will shoot your wedding. It isn’t a case of me talking to you, booking your wedding and someone else turning up. In all the time I’ve been doing weddings I’ve missed only one wedding: I had norovirus and so I enlisted one of my photographer friends who stepped in for me but my wife went with him as an un-booked second photographer to ensure that the style we showed was what they got.

4.    I guarantee to turn up on time for your wedding. I’ve never been late yet. I’m regularly there before anyone else – particularly if I’m travelling a long way.

5.    I guarantee that I will not turn up in a polo top with my logo all over it. My usual attire at a wedding is a suit and tie with a fun waistcoat. I will however dress as you wish. I’ve gone to weddings in black-tie (with my wife as second photographer in a black cocktail dress!). Tell me your wedding colour theme and if I’ve got a waistcoat to match I’ll put it on. If you are having a Hawaiian party and want me in Hawaiian shirt and shorts that’s what you get. Heck, I’ll wear swimming trunks if you guys are going to wear the same!

6.    I guarantee that I won’t keep you hanging around for the groups. I work as fast as I can so that you and your guests are not stood around forever. Guests are often surprised at how fast I finish the groups and comment to me later in the day.

7.    I guarantee that I won’t take you off for hours for shots of the two of you (unless that is what you want, of course) meaning that you get to spend more of your big day with your family and friends.

8.    I guarantee not to clock off at the allotted time because “your time is up”. Wedding timetables often slip on the day so we agree what I am covering and that is what you will get covered.

9.    I guarantee that if all you want is the package you ordered that’s all you get. There will be no extra spending required. I’m always happy to sell bigger albums, items for the wall and so on but not everyone wants them. There will be no hard sell of extras. If you don’t want to spend more on extra images then I will help you to select for your album so that you don’t have to add more images.

10.   Finally I guarantee you’ll be keen to show your friends your wedding photos and tell them all about us (for all the right reasons!).