Today (August 19th 2018) is “World Photo Day” – a day when we are meant, each year, to go out and take photos.

August the 19th however, for me, was (back in 2006) my very first wedding. It is a time for me to reflect quite how far I’ve come in this photographic journey.

I am no longer in contact with Lyn and Gavin, I don’t know if they are still together (I hope they are) or where they are in this world. I wish them well.

Sheila had said I should do weddings. She said I would enjoy them. I was far from convinced – but, as usual, she was right.

I put a “Wanted” advert in our local newsletter… the type that gets stuffed through the door (or did back then). The Rabbiter advert asked for willing couples to take a chance on a complete unknown as I’d never done a wedding.

I got a call from Lyn (or maybe even from her sister). The wedding was to be at the register office and then a blessing at All Saints Church.

I recall that I was terrified. I had terrible butterflies. For the photographers reading this I was using a Canon 350D (yup, really, and no backup!!!!).

I recall that they paid the princely sum of £55 which covered an “Ashford” album from Spicer Hallfield (now no longer with us). I asked for nothing more than the cost of the album to be covered.

I was honoured to be trusted with that first wedding and that feeling, of honour to be trusted, has never left me. With every wedding that’s how I feel when I’m asked to record the day.

And I still get butterflies before a wedding.

And yes – Sheila was right. I love them. 😀

Happy Anniversary Lyn and Gavin.