When was the last time you were in front of the camera? 

Seriously, when was it? 

Don't cheat and say you took a selfie at New Year, or that you were snapped on an iPhone or in a booth at a party/event over Christmas. 

When was the last time you actually went out to take some photos with you in them?     

​What's my answer. How long for me? Hint: I haven't had a beard for some years.

​The two images here were taken by a friend, Martin Hobby. He's a lovey guy and I saw something in his images that I liked and wanted so I asked him to do some family photos for us.

​We drove around the M25 for about an hour to get to Martin and then spent a pleasant day having our photos taken on a spring morning.

He did a cracking job. Exactly what I wanted.

Of all the images taken three stick in my mind. The two here and one of my lads. Why those three? Well all of them were printed and I see them all the time. The one of the boys is on our bedroom wall. The one of us all together is in our lounge (and also my PC lock screen). The one above is in my office on a shelf.

​A lot can happen in a short time. I didn't think these photos were that long ago but we've been down in Dorset for two years - it won't be long before that will be three years.

How long can it be? I had to check.

These images were taken in April 2013. That's nearly six years ago!
​The kids have been to university since then, got driving licenses... left home!​​​ Sheila has changed career. We've moved home. Rennovated the new house, had a garden built (and I do mean built).

Cough... it's probably high time we had some more photos taken.

​Regular readers will know that I bang on about "history" a lot. When I look at our family photos there were lots when the kids were little. I've got albums full of photos of the kids that one or the other of us took. As they get older the number of times they would happily stand in front of the camera diminished. But because I was taking photos of them I wasn't in the images as much. Or Sheila would take a picture and it wouldn't have them in.

​The image above, with all four of us in it, is rare indeed!

​When we are long gone how many images will the kids have of Sheila and I to remember us in? Looking back at our own family that has now gone the images are few and far between.

​​​As we start a New Year I put a challenge to you - get your photo taken.

​If you want to know more about family sessions, just ask me.