So you’re having a small wedding? Small is beautiful!

I’m often asked if I do small weddings or if I will cover just the ceremony at the Register Office for a mid-week wedding.

Do I do that?


There are all sorts of reasons for having a very small wedding.

Bijoux weddings are more intimate; they give me the chance to capture the real feelings throughout your day. If posed photos aren’t your cup of tea that’s not a problem: I’ll make sure that it’s as relaxed and informal as you would like it to be.

Nothing is too small. I’ve even spent wonderful days with weddings of only four guests (my smallest wedding was just the happy couple with the hotel staff being witnesses)!

In many ways the kind of coverage that I get asked for at the Register Office is similar to the sort that we had at our own wedding: you would like some shots of the groom and best man before the ceremony; you want photos of the bride arriving; photos of the ceremony; some groups outside and maybe one or two of the two of you. That’s it. Then you go to a pub or restaurant for a small gathering – at which point you will be happy with the photos that friends take for the rest of the day.

Look for the White Label Collection on my prices page. Make sure that you mention that it is a ‘Bijoux wedding’ when you contact me and ask me about discounts for mid-week weddings.