I am sure that if you are getting married the thought has popped into your head, “what happens if my wedding photographer is ill?” Well the answer is surprisingly simple most of the time: friends!

And, no, I do not mean that your friends take the photos. I mean that your photographer’s photographer friends cover for them.

Yes you probably have wedding insurance, it is pretty cheap after all, but something crucial like the photography is booked up months in advance. We too have insurance (by we I mean Cornwell Photography – if you are not having your photography with us… check that your photographer is fully insured). But insurance does not help if the photographer is ill. You need… well you need a photographer!

I am a member of several forums and if I were suddenly hospitalised then I would turn to the experienced professionals in my network and ask them for help (mind you, if I was in hospital Sheila would probably do that bit!). Such a call from a photographer happens from time to time and actually I have taken on weddings from friends at relatively short notice on several occasions. I am starting to feel like “The Locum Photographer”

Never at the short notice that this wedding had though.

On Friday afternoon I was browsing one forum when a photographer shouted that he needed help because his wife had gone into labour a whole six weeks early! Gulp. I did not have a booking for that week-end and so I said I would cover. Well via the miracle of the iPad and wireless technology he was able to get me some details from the hospital bedside of his wife and later that day confirmed he could not be at the wedding but I would be.

We were up early the following morning to travel to Shaftesbury in Dorset for a 10am start with the bride. From memory we got home something approaching 11pm that night. In our little trip, St Leonard’s Church at Semley near Shaftesbury and then on to Philipps House at Dinton Park. Both very pretty places to take photos.

Thanks to Sarah and Daniel for their understanding.

So what happens when a photographer that you have never met before covers your wedding? Well if it is us, see this slideshow for the evidence.

Oh and the baby? Didn’t show for another few weeks.