Don’t let an emergency spoil your wedding!

Wedding Photographer's Emergency Kit

The picture above is of a bunch of small objects that I have in my camera bag.
Every one has a reason for being there. One or two were suggested by my lovely wife. Many others are the product of experiences during weddings.

Pretty much each picture has a story attached to it.

Last week I typed about technology letting you down but often it isn’t the technology causing problems it is silly things like buttons falling off or zips breaking.

I’m something of the last boy scout.

Whether it’s needle and thread for the button that fell off, or a safety pin for that zip that burst, I’m there to try to take the pressure off these little niggles.

What am I missing?

I’d love to hear what you think is missing – either because you hit a glitch at your own wedding or know of another story!

(I have to be careful that there is still room in my bag for photographic equipment, of course, there are things I’d love to have but there’s just no space…)

Confetti can be hard to find – this is the biodegradable stuff and you can get it from Balloons For U on Pack Lane.

Until next week’s #WeddingWednesday. TTFN!

With love,


Cornwell Photography