​What one image best represents your wedding?

wedding photographer Goathorn Point Dorset

You will spot images, no dout, that I use lots of times. They are significant images for me: they're ones I like.

Take the image above of Melanie and Peter on the beach at sunset.

​They got married on a private beach, the ceremony was led by a friend. It was a gorgeous hot day. When the sun began to sink we had just been taking some photos of the two of them in the woods by the beach but I saw the sunset forming and it was GLORIOUS. This one image doesn't begin to cover how good ​the sunset was because the display went on for some time after this image was made and it just kept getting better and better.

This one image sums up their wedding for me: on the beach, in the sun, warm, happy, relaxed.

Sometimes couples have an idea they want to do. One couple wanted a pillow fight on a four poster bed. Another wanted a shot on some stairs they loved. Often they've seen something done at their venue (or a similar style of venue) and want to try it.

What's the one idea that YOU want for your wedding? What would sum up your wedding in one image?​